We are RideMinder

We're on a mission to empower operators to grow their business with cutting-edge technology – no matter their size

RideMinder is your software solution with a bold VISION to reinvent premium transport

At RideMinder, we are a team of relentless innovators, driven by a profound passion for empowering transport operators of all sizes to shape the future. Our mission is deeply rooted in the belief that technology should be a catalyst for transformation.

Our focus is on professionals who provide transport services to both the elite and those with special needs. It is at these two distinct ends of the consumer spectrum where dedicated chauffeurs shine brightest, offering unparalleled service that cannot be replicated.

We are dedicated to serving you, the backbone of this industry, and unlocking your full potential. RideMinder exists to be your trusted partner, equipping you with cutting-edge technology that elevates your operations and propels your business to new heights.
We’re on a MISSION to empower transport operators to grow their business with cutting-edge technology

What drives us

We have an unwavering commitment to our
CORE VALUES – fueling every decision we make
These five values shape our culture, drive every decision we make, inform who we hire and shape the shortlist of investors we aspire to work with.  

These are the values we hope to ignite  in the transport industry and what inspire us to craft a platform that you, your drivers and your customers will simply LOVE.
We strive to continuously push boundaries and explore new ideas and solutions.
To us nothing is impossible.
Customer Satisfaction
You are at the center of everything we do & we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence to ensure you are constantly WOWed.
We believe in the power of working together, both internally and with our customers and their stakeholders. We are forever listening to make our platform better.
We take ownership of every action and decision, and communicate transparently to ensure reliability and continuous improvement both internally and externally.
We are deeply committed to providing sustainable value and conduct our business in a manner that ensures our ability to serve our customers for the long term.

How we got here

This story started in 2009 when we were  transport operators just like you

In 2009 Ritta Khoury & Simon Kalipciyan started this journey with a shared vision of using technology to harness the power of the premium transport industry and create a unique service offering to corporations and business travelers.  After several years of disappointment working with tech agencies we crossed paths with Ollie Brennan in 2013.  Soon after he became our partner and chief technology officer and our lives were forever changed.  

Together we created a formidable technology stack to serve Cars on Demand and eventually decided we could not keep it to ourselves and that it MUST be shared with the world to unlock the power of the premium transport industry.  And so Rideminder was born in November of 2021.  In that same month Rideminder secured seed funding and acquired the Cars on Demand software.  Cars on Demand became the first paying customer of Rideminder. The two companies are completely separate and Rideminder is a pure play software company with an independent investor stake that governs all due diligence and demands industry neutrality.  

Our passion has become this software and the unique power it has to transform the whole transport experience for end users and accelerate the growth of visionary transport providers.

Who we are

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of the best people with a diverse background and unending passion. Together we foster a culture that empowers us to do our best work.
Ritta Khoury
CEO & Co-founder
Simon Kalipciyan
Ollie Brennan
CTO & Co-founder
Christie Kwon
UX/UI Designer
Jodie Umali
Senior UX / UI Designer
Kevin Tuazon
Senior Mobile Engineer
Ben Sahagun
Senior Mobile Engineer
Justin Manalili
Senior Front End Engineer
Yuji Sangacena
Marketing Coordinator
Joe Vandecar
Product & Customer Success